Bennett + Teresa

GUEST BLOGGER: Through The Eyes of a Student

My name is Bennett Smith, I am a sophomore at the Seven Hills School in Cincinnati and I love sushi…

I became acquainted with FUSIAN not through my love of sushi, but through other students at my school. Having heard the talk about FUSIAN, having seen the tweets and posts and photos of FUSIAN, I gave one afternoon snack to sushi; by the time I had finished my roll, I had decided that my cafeteria needed FUSIAN sushi.

After two months of emails, meetings, and preparation, after logistical questions, issues, and concerns were answered, Seven Hills was finally ready for FUSIAN. If only FUSIAN had been ready for Seven Hills.

As the clock struck 12:35, and as the students migrated toward the cafeteria, it dawned on them: “Today is FUSIAN Monday.” I had been asked the Friday before, “why did you have to get FUSIAN on Mondays, Bennett – not even sushi can make Monday better.” By the time I entered the lunch line at 12:41, though, I’m pretty sure people had forgotten that it was a Monday. In the six minutes since lunch had started, fifty-five lucky students, out of a total student body of about 300, had eagerly purchased ALL of the sushi. It was gone. Sold out faster than Reds Opening Day tickets. I can’t remember the last time when someone was excited about food in the cafeteria. They were excited about the food, excited for themselves, that they had managed to snag a roll before they were gone. They were excited about the idea that there are now new options in our cafeteria, options that are not only good-tasting, but good for you. And I’m sure that they’re excited that FUSIAN will be back next week, this time, ready for the rush.

I have always been a huge fan of sushi. Once, while on spring break, I had sushi nine times in eight days. Though I would eat sushi every day if I could, I don’t have an endless source of money, so I keep my spicy salmon on brown rice order to once every two weeks.
I have a few main interests, one of which is making improvements to my community. I contacted FUSIAN to start the Sushi in Schools program to Seven Hills to bring a new lunch option to my peers, I’ve begun a city-wide project to boost the adoption rates of local animals, and I ambeginning to work with schools alums as well as University of Cincinnati professors to try and bring some of my brainstormed ideas to fruition.

I also have a budding interest in political and social theory, a passion that I’ve begun to follow by participating in an online course focused on those topics. I’ve had to read the likes of Locke, Rousseau, and Nietzsche, and I’ve enhanced my understanding of the works with discussions with both my history teacher, who studied social theory in high school, as well as my grandfather, who has been a professor teaching philosophy for half a century.

I am an avid golfer, and I try to get out on the course three or four times a week, even when school is in session. Seven Hills’s team looks to be in a good position to make it to the State level in the fall, and we are all very excited for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, golf is the only sport that I play at the moment, as I’ve been forced to “retire” from both soccer and tennis due to injury. On a positive note, since I spend less time working my body, I can focus more on working my brain and following my non-athletic passions.