FUSIAN x Quan Hapa

COLLAB Series | FUSIAN x Quan Hapa

At FUSIAN, community is king… strong connections created between people in our community lies at the heart of our mission to cultivate meaningful relationships.

As we continue to expand into new communities, we seek new ways to strengthen our existing (and new) relationships by developing meaningful ways to connect with our customers.

On January 1, we launched a new collaboration series aka. the COLLAB SERIES which will expand throughout the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus markets. The COLLAB SERIES features rolls inspired by like-minded chefs and restaurants in the community. It creates opportunities for us to continually infuse our menu with flavors of the world. With each collaboration, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local organization.

We’re proud to announce that our first collaboration is with our Cincinnati neighbor, QUAN HAPA OTR. Quan Hapa, located in Cincinnati’s Over-The-Rhine neighborhood specializes in electric Asian street food. The FUSIAN x Quan Hapa roll consists of a seaweed or soy wrap brown rice, steak, chicken, or tofu, green onion, jalapeƱo, pickled papaya, BBQ sauce, and tempura crunch. This roll features elements of Korean tradition, and was inspired by “Chicken Adobo”, a traditional dish featured at Quan Hapa. This feature will be available at the Downtown Cinncinnati, Hyde Park, and Kenwood locations until February 28. The roll costs $8.50 and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Cincinnati Public Schools health + wellness programs as an extension of the SUSHI IN SCHOOLS initiative.

With the purchase of a roll, customers also receive a free Vietnamese coffee offered at Quan Hapa or their sister restaurant Pho Lang Thang.

[Please join us as we celebrate community, and stay tuned for future COLLAB’s this year!]