FUSIAN Blog Hero

How We're Moving FUSIAN Forward in 2019

On March 5th we rolled out (pun intended) a new menu, that will improve the way you experience FUSIAN. It’s the culmination of over two years of customer feedback, focus groups, and trial that has led us here.

Our intention is to create a menu that increases value + variety for our existing loyal customers, while presenting a simple process for easy decision making for first-time customers. Read More

Omotenashi Blog Hero

OMOTENASHI | warm, genuine hospitality

FUSIAN exists to connect people through collaboration, culture, + cuisine and we strive to bring this mission to life in variety of ways, every day. This month we are focused on this connection through the Japanese philosophy of Omotenashi. Read More

Elias + The Guys

COLLAB Series | Eli's BBQ

Beginning December 3rd, we’re teaming up with Eli’s BBQ of Cincinnati-fame and releasing a collaborative limited-edition sushi roll. For a limited time only, barbecue lovers across Ohio will be able to enjoy their favorite Eli’s flavors at any of our 10 locations. Read More

FUSIAN x Luke\'s Lobster

COLLAB Series | Luke's Lobster

Starting on October 1st, for a limited time, we’re bringing sustainably sourced lobster from Maine-based, Luke’s Lobster to all of our locations! Read More


A Taste of TEAM FUSIAN - celebrating 5 years w/ JALANA!

*Meet Jalana Goldson: she is a student studying Dietetics (Human Nutrition) at the Ohio State University. Originally from Dayton, she first joined the FUSIAN team 5 years ago at the Brown Street location. While working at Brown Street, she obtained an Associate Degree in Dietetics and her certificate in dietary managing at Sinclair Community college. She then moved to Columbus to pursue a Bachelor degree and join the Clintonville FUSIAN team as a Shift Leader. Outside of work and school, she takes care of her Australian Shephard / Border collie mix breed dog named Harrison. Read More